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Do Not Keep Silent

Do Not Keep Silent with host
Jason DeZurik
is heard every Sunday evening at 7:00PM.

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Letter from the General Manager


When God calls us to a ministry, regardless of what it is, we are commanded to be "Good Stewards." God called Joseph to be a servant (steward) to the Pharaoh of Egypt. Because Joseph was obedient to the task, God raised him up and blessed him. In fact, God blessed all of Egypt because Joseph was honest, loyal and a good steward to his calling. We too, at NewVision FM, must be good stewards in everything that God places into our hands - not only the decisions on our programming, finances and etc., but right down to each postage stamp that we place on your envelope.

Last month we mailed almost 2,700 newsletters, which cost $467.00 in postage. Almost every month individuals are added to our newsletter. One of our unwritten rules is that we never add anyone to our mailing list unless they request it. To be good stewards of the resources that you sacrifice and send to us each month, we periodically must go through our mailing list and delete those who have not supported us in several years. We will soon be starting that process. If you have been financially supporting God’s ministry, you will have nothing to worry about - you will continue to receive our monthly free newsletter. For those who have not given a gift for a while, we need to hear from you before we start this process. We don’t want to delete anyone from our mailing list, but we must be good stewards of God’s resources.


If you recently heard a lot of pounding in the background while tuned to our radio station, it was a crew of men in- stalling our new roof! It was in very bad shape and it’s a miracle it hadn’t leaked and ruined the interior ceiling. We patched the roof in 2011. I’m not sure, but it must be nearly 20 years since we had a new roof. So some of the money that we will save on the newsletter will be put towards the $6,000 cost of the new roof. We also must be good stewards in taking care of God’s property - even a new roof!

Thank you for supporting and praying for the NewVision FM Network which enables us to broadcast God’s Holy Word.

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