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Do Not Keep Silent

Do Not Keep Silent with host
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This is a provocative question! Are we really under attack or is it just a hurdle in life? The answer is really, "yes and no." Let me explain. As I write this, the ministry is trying to recover from a deliberate "ransom virus" cyber attack that hit us three days ago. A "ransom virus" is a virus that locks up your computer with a demand that you pay a certain sum of money to have it unlocked by the culprits that sent it. If you don't send the money, the virus is programmed to infect and literally wipe out your computer. This is what happened to our radio ministry this week. We have very good virus protection and fire walls to protect our network. Our computer experts (The AME Group out of Findlay) said there was nothing that we could do any differently to stop this sophisticated and malicious type of virus. I understand some of our most secure government agencies have been affected by this type of internet cyber attack. If you notice any discrepancies in your receipts that we mail to you for your precious gifts, please contact us right away as we try to recover from this devastating attack.

On another topic-- we need to replace our air-conditioners that protect our equipment. We recently lost one of our three units that keep our transmitters and equipment cool and on-the-air. All three are very old and inefficient, compared to today's standards, and surviving on borrowed time. To replace them will cost over $9,000.00. Unfortunately, replacing them is not a luxury-- it's a necessity. Without the new air-conditioners, our equipment will overheat, die, and we will be off the air. If you can help with a special gift at this time to help defray the cost of the new air-conditioners and repair of the deliberate cyber virus attack, we will truly be grateful! Just as in our own lives, sometimes we are under attack, and sometimes it is just a hurdle in life. Thank God we have friends who stand beside us during those trying times. We try to be there for our listeners 24 hours a day. If you can stand by us and help with our need, we will thank God for your precious support!

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