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Do Not Keep Silent

Do Not Keep Silent with host
Jason DeZurik
is heard every Sunday evening at 7:00PM.

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The radio ministry of NewVision FM is poised for another exciting change in this new year. About two years ago we began thinking and praying about this change in our programming. In 1992, we started out with a small 3,000 watt station. That station, WXML 90.1, has since grown to 15,000 watts and is now the strongest Christian FM station in northwest Ohio in its format. That same small station has now grown to five stations with two distinct separate formats.

The NEWVISION FM CHRISTIAN RADIO NETWORK comprises all five of these stations. 90.1 FM - WXML, Upper Sandusky, is our flagship station and has mostly "contemporary" programming. However, it also has several southern and country gospel programs during the evenings and weekends. Our other four stations are:

  • 89.3 FM - WXMW - Sycamore
  • 91.9 FM - WXMF - Marion
  • 97.5 FM - W248BT - Findlay
  • 101.9 FM - W270CL - Fostoria

These four stations have gained many new listeners, due to their blend of the "Music of our Faith" format comprising "traditional hymns and music" by modern artists, along with the best of southern and country gospel music.

Most of our listeners prefer one format or the other. With the approval of our Board of Directors, WXML 90.1 will become 100% "contemporary." We will be moving all of our southern and country gospel music currently aired on WXML to the "Music of our Faith" format on the Sycamore, Marion, Findlay and Fostoria stations. For our loyal southern and country gospel listeners, you will not only have your favorite programs continuing, but you will hear more of that format throughout the day, not just in the evenings and weekends. This change will take place at midnight, February 28. If this programming move restricts your listening to WXML 90.1, please remember that by going to our website "NEWVISION.FM" you can stream the format of your choice from anywhere in the world. You can also download our app (WXML 90.1FM) on your smart phone/devices. You can then choose either of the two formats. Thank you for being such a blessing to us and making this ministry possible!


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