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Do Not Keep Silent

Do Not Keep Silent with host
Jason DeZurik
is heard every Sunday evening at 7:00PM.

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Our Sharathon goal last fall was $200,000. Because of unforeseen telephone equipment problems, many listeners were unable to call in and make their faith promise. This resulted in the ministry raising only $125,000. This left us with a $75,000 deficit and shortfall. To make up for that shortfall, we conducted a New Friendship drive in May that resulted in raising an additional $46,190, but still short of our goal. We had a total of 183 phone calls, with 33 individuals becoming new friends and supporters of the ministry. While we did not meet our goal, we truly thank God for all of you who support the radio ministry. Just as each of you must walk in faith every day, expecting God to provide for your needs, so do we at NewVision FM.

We all feel such joy in our hearts to see how our listeners respond to the needs of the ministry. So many of you sacrifice greatly to keep NewVision FM on the air. Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed by us or by God. His word says, "Give and it shall be given back to you..." He may give back to you more than just money, it may be through other blessings as well. The point is this - we cannot out-give God! So all of us at the radio ministry thank you for sharing and for your tremendous sacrifice. Although we did not make our goal, we have faith to believe that God will provide for the needs of this ministry just as He does for your family. I pray that God will bless each of you just as you bless His ministry.